E.DSO Calls for Bold Grid Investments to Accelerate the Path to Net-Zero Emissions

by Anna

European DSO Association (E.DSO) Unveils Four Key Pledges for a Sustainable Grid


The European DSO Association (E.DSO) has issued a compelling call to prioritize grid investments as a cornerstone of the European Union’s agenda. In a newly released document, E.DSO underscores the necessity for forward-thinking investments and regulatory reforms within the existing legislative frameworks. These initiatives are deemed crucial to achieving the ambitious goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.


E.DSO, whose members represent a significant portion of current and future investments in European power grids, recognizes the rapidly evolving role of Distribution System Operators (DSOs). With the substantial influx of renewable energy sources, shifts in customer behaviors, and rapid electrification, the functions and operations of DSOs are poised to become considerably more intricate.

As the clock ticks on the imperative transition to cleaner energy, E.DSO emphasizes the need for substantial leaps forward, rather than incremental steps. This transformation should commence with empowering distribution networks, which are slated to accommodate over 85% of renewable energy sources.

E.DSO has outlined four pivotal pledges for the future grid, aiming to inspire policymakers, industry stakeholders, and customers to prioritize grid modernization, ultimately enabling a sustainable future for Europe.

Enhanced Policy Dialogue: E.DSO underscores the importance of establishing regular dialogue between policymakers and leading DSOs. This continuous exchange of ideas and expertise will inform policy decisions, ensuring alignment with the genuine requirements of the distribution grid. Furthermore, E.DSO advocates for its inclusion in high-level policy discussions pertaining to the distribution grid and investments.

Prioritizing Grid Investments: Grid investments should hold a prominent place on the EU agenda, as distribution grids serve as the backbone of the digital and energy transition. E.DSO advocates for strengthening the relationship between national regulatory authorities and DSOs. It also calls for the creation of regulatory incentives that reward DSOs for forward-thinking investments in grid infrastructure. Additionally, policies that promote electrification in sectors like transportation and heating are encouraged.

European Grid Technologies: Recognizing the pivotal role of grid technologies and manufacturing capabilities, E.DSO calls for their European localization. The association advocates for supporting and incentivizing companies to establish development and manufacturing capabilities within Europe. The creation of a dedicated financial framework to encourage these activities is also recommended.

Workforce Renewal: As the DSO industry faces the imminent challenge of a retiring workforce over the next decade, E.DSO calls for targeted investments to address this issue. The establishment of industry-recognized certifications and standards for clean energy-related skills is paramount. Additionally, E.DSO proposes the creation of a Net-Zero Industry Academy, which would equip individuals and industries with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the evolving energy landscape.

In summary, E.DSO’s comprehensive vision underscores the indispensable role of grid investments in accelerating Europe’s transition to a sustainable, low-emission future. These four key pledges serve as a clarion call to stakeholders across the energy sector to collaborate in shaping a grid infrastructure that can meet the demands of a cleaner, electrified, and more efficient Europe.


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