Bruderer UK Seizes Manufacturing Boom, Bolsters High-Speed Press Installations

by Anna

Luton, August 31, 2023 – Bruderer UK, a global frontrunner in press manufacturing, is reaping the rewards of a flourishing UK manufacturing landscape as it secures its most substantial influx of new machine orders in years. With its Luton-based factory employing 12 skilled professionals, the company is witnessing a surge in interest for its industry-leading technology and technical prowess. The ongoing trend of reshoring, bolstered by shortened supply chains post-pandemic, is bolstering domestic manufacturing competitiveness, and Bruderer UK is at the forefront of this revival.


The momentum is palpable as Bruderer UK marks a remarkable accomplishment: the installation of its seventh high-speed press within the span of 12 months, marking a 50% surge compared to the same period last year. This striking increase is a testament to the appeal of its innovative technology and profound expertise, particularly in an era where the reshoring movement is gaining traction.


Industries spanning automotive, electrification, aerospace, medical, food, and construction are embracing Bruderer UK’s offerings for various turnkey projects. These projects encompass the installation of comprehensive production solution lines, showcasing the company’s holistic approach to serving diverse industrial needs.

Bruderer UK’s engineers are currently navigating their busiest phase in over a decade. They are orchestrating the installation of full turnkey high-speed press lines, which encompass capacities ranging from 25 to 50 tonnes. These installations comprise an array of components, including tooling, servo feeders, decoilers, multi-way rewinders, vision systems, and press and tool monitoring systems.

Adrian Haller, Managing Director of Bruderer UK, highlighted the surge in manufacturing activity, emphasizing, “There’s a real resurgence taking place and we need to talk about it more…orders are up, investment is up, and industry is desperately crying out for more workers.”

He continued, “UK industry is bouncing back from the shackles of the pandemic. […] this is definitely our biggest year for a long time for new machine installs.”

Navigating the current landscape, Bruderer UK is embracing the challenge posed by factors such as rising energy prices and inflation. Addressing the recruitment dilemma, which is intensified by escalating salaries in the service sector, remains another priority.

Renowned for its high-precision punching technology and turnkey solutions, Bruderer UK’s high-speed presses exemplify unmatched performance, precision, and reliability in the sheet metal stamping and forming sector. With a range centered around the BSTA series, boasting nominal forces ranging from 18 to 250 tonnes and stroke rates spanning from 1 to 3000 strokes per minute, the company maintains a resolute commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Adrian Haller underlined, “There’s a real appetite to invest in the latest technology, and we must be prepared for this by ensuring we have the capabilities and technical expertise on hand to identify the right solutions for clients… solutions that will deliver cost savings, new capacity, and efficiencies.”

With an eye toward the future, Bruderer UK is gearing up for further investments in the UK. Adrian Haller concluded, “There’s also MACH 2024 to plan for and I’m delighted to announce we’ll be taking our biggest-ever presence as part of the new ‘MMMA’ Sheet Metalworking Village.” This strategic outlook underscores Bruderer UK’s dedication to sustaining its impactful contributions to the evolving manufacturing landscape.


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