FANUC UK Empowers Young Minds with Hands-On Robotics Experience

by Anna

Coventry, August 31, 2023 – In a concerted effort to bridge the gap between young minds and the world of automation, FANUC UK, a pioneering name in automation solutions, recently hosted a week-long immersive experience for a group of seven bright minds aged 14 to 16. The unique initiative was designed to offer these teenagers valuable firsthand insights into the realm of robotics and automation engineering.


Marking a significant stride in their campaign to demystify engineering careers and foster a talent pool for future manufacturing, FANUC UK welcomed this select group of students to its esteemed UK headquarters situated at Ansty Park, Coventry. This event, aptly titled the “Work Experience Week,” aimed to instill a profound understanding of automation engineering and the role it plays in shaping industries.


Representing a diverse array of nearby schools and colleges, the seven participants were immersed in an experiential journey through the world of automation at the renowned Fanuc Academy. The comprehensive program encompassed practical training in robot programming, an introduction to project management, and hands-on exposure to FANUC’s impressive portfolio of industrial robotic and automation solutions. These solutions are applied across a spectrum of sectors, from aerospace and automotive to food & beverage and plastics.

The week-long endeavor included a valuable Q&A session with FANUC staff, among whom was 23-year-old Hara Konstantelia, a technical sales support engineer. Hara’s personal journey into the industry via an apprenticeship program provided an inspiring narrative that resonated with the participants. She noted, “Supporting our work experience students on their own journey and expanding their perception of engineering has been a great experience.”

Attracting Generation Z to the realm of engineering is a central goal for FANUC UK. Their Training Academy recently attained independent validation, enabling them to offer accredited courses that align with mainstream education. The Work Experience Week serves as a dynamic platform, acquainting a cohort that might not have encountered robotics before with the diverse prospects within automation and manufacturing.

Tony Bentham, Head of Customer Service at FANUC UK, emphasized the significance of offering young minds real-world, hands-on interaction with industrial robots. He expressed, “Fanuc’s Work Experience Week aims to ignite a spark in young people by showing just what it takes to forge a career in robotics, as well as giving them access to people who are successfully doing their dream job.”

For most participants, this was their inaugural interaction with robotics, and the experience left an indelible mark. Nathaniel Sharpe, 16, exclaimed, “This was my first time using a robot and I thought it would be a lot harder than it actually was – programming it was surprisingly straightforward! The week I spent at Fanuc really opened my eyes to the world of robotics and engineering – I’d recommend the work experience program to anyone.”

The resounding success of the inaugural Work Experience Week, coupled with the positive feedback from the participants, has inspired FANUC to consider organizing similar events in the future. Hara Konstantelia concluded, “Activities like this are so important as the skills required for engineering today are not always accurately represented in the media, especially on platforms aimed at younger people. I hope the students left the week inspired and with a clearer idea of what opportunities are available to them.”

The Work Experience Week at FANUC UK not only offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of automation but also underscores the industry’s commitment to nurturing the engineers and innovators of tomorrow.


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