Starrag UK Partners with SMT to Provide Exclusive Access to Advanced Large-Capacity Machining Solutions

by Anna

Starrag customers across the UK and Eire are set to benefit from an exciting development as Starrag UK announces an exclusive collaboration with SMT, a leading manufacturer based in the Czech Republic. The partnership brings forth a range of cost-effective, large-capacity horizontal turning machines and ram borers, expanding Starrag’s portfolio and providing a comprehensive solution for efficient machining of large, heavy parts. This strategic alliance empowers Starrag’s UK customers with a singular source of expertise in complete machining, enhancing their capabilities through Starrag’s dedicated Large Parts Machining Systems (LPMS) solutions division.


The cornerstone of this collaboration is SMT’s SR 1-5 Series, a lineup of universal/multi-tasking/multi-functional horizontal lathes designed to incorporate milling and BTA drilling. These versatile machines offer the capability for turning between centres of up to 30,000mm x 6,000mm diameter, showcasing swings over the bed ranging from 1,250mm to 6,000mm. Notably, the machines are rated at 55 to 355kW, delivering a powerful performance that meets the demands of diverse industries.


Starrag UK is also introducing SMT’s SVA travelling column and SV fixed column ram borers, specially designed to handle oversize workpieces weighing up to an impressive 320 tonnes. With flexibility at the forefront, these machines are available in various table configurations and offer a choice of ram options. Their substantial travels extend to 11,000mm x 6,000mm, allowing for intricate and precise machining of large-scale components.

The SVA machines, available in four models, boast X, Y, and Z axes travels ranging from 6,000mm to 11,000mm, 4,000mm to 8,000mm, and 2,000mm to 3,200mm, respectively. Accommodating various machining requirements, these machines feature ram capacities of 2,000mm to 5,000mm and W axes (crossrail) ranging from 2,000mm to 5,000mm. The SV range, comprising four models, offers comparable ram and crossrail capacities, complemented by Y and Z axes travels spanning from 4,000mm to 8,000mm and 2,000mm to 3,200mm, respectively. Torques within the range of 40 to 80 kN ensure robust performance. These machines also come with distinct headstock variants tailored for turning, milling, or a combination of both.

The success of SMT’s machines, recognized across more than 40 countries, is a testament to their performance and reliability. Industries such as energy, oil and gas, transport, mining, and shipping have embraced SMT’s offerings, underscoring their effectiveness in demanding environments. Notably, a prominent UK specialist supplier in sectors including nuclear, defense, aerospace, and marine has successfully integrated an SMT lathe capable of accommodating workpieces measuring up to 10 meters by 4 meters by 3 meters and weighing up to a substantial 40,000 kilograms.

The machinery from SMT is constructed using world-class principles, with cast iron components ensuring unparalleled levels of rigidity and dampening. This commitment to stability translates to machining precision, even down to micron-level accuracy for heavy workpieces made from materials like stainless steel and titanium.

Starrag’s LPMS division harnesses the synergy of established machine ranges, years of system integration, and applications engineering expertise to deliver seamless manufacturing solutions. These solutions encompass superior machines, complemented by cutting-edge software, tooling, workholding/handling, and application and engineering skills. The focus is on enabling the precise production of large-capacity components across various material types.

Additionally, Starrag is poised to respond to the growing demand for single set-up and multi-tasking cell machining routines, capitalizing on their proficiency in integrating technologies such as milling, turning, boring, and drilling. This integrated approach, whether executed through a single machine operation or multi-machine systems, aligns with the evolving needs of the industry.

Starrag’s LPMS division also encompasses renowned machine ranges from Berthiez, Dörries, and Droop+Rein. The offerings span vertical grinding, turning, milling, and grinding, each tailored to accommodate diverse requirements and specifications.

Lee Scott, Director for Sales and Applications at Starrag UK, emphasized the significance of the exclusive partnership with SMT, highlighting the enriched capabilities it brings to large parts machining across various industries. He affirmed, “Starrag’s UK and Eire customers have access a dedicated single-source of excellence that can meet large component machining needs in the most effective and efficient manner. This applies not only to the supply of machines but also for long-term OEM service support, applications engineering, and turnkey solutions.”

The strategic partnership between Starrag UK and SMT presents an exciting development in the realm of machining solutions, fostering enhanced capabilities and efficiency for customers across the UK and Eire. As industries evolve and embrace large-scale component production, this collaboration serves as a testament to the commitment of both companies to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions that drive progress in manufacturing.


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