Mills CNC Explores Cutting-Edge Innovations at EMO 2023 from DN Solutions and Zayer Machine Tools

by Anna

Key figures from Mills CNC, the UK and Ireland’s exclusive distributor of DN Solutions and Zayer machine tools, are currently engaged in an exploratory mission at EMO 2023 in Hannover, the world’s premier international trade fair. The purpose of their visit is to gain firsthand insights into the latest advancements presented by DN Solutions and Zayer Machine Tools, enhancing their offerings and capabilities for customers within their markets.


Mills CNC, renowned as a prominent automation systems supplier to component manufacturers, is seizing the opportunity presented by EMO 2023 (18-23 September) to survey the cutting-edge technologies, new product launches, and developments being showcased by DN Solutions and Zayer Machine Tools at their respective exhibition stands.


While Mills CNC does not have its own booth at EMO, the event is serving as a valuable platform for the company to closely engage with its two crucial partners and stay attuned to the industry’s evolving landscape.

CEO of Mills CNC, Tony Dale, expressed, “Although we don’t exhibit at EMO per se, the event is a great opportunity for us to get up close and personal to the latest technologies being exhibited by our two, key principals.”

DN Solutions at EMO 2023:

DN Solutions has set up a prominent presence at EMO 2023 with exhibition stands in Hall 14 (Stand D06) and Hall 9 (Stand G54). The company’s showcase features an impressive array of 20 advanced machines, emblematic of cutting-edge technology.

Central to DN Solutions’ presentation is the theme of ‘flexible automation solutions.’ Visitors are treated to a demonstration of robot and work handling systems seamlessly integrated into various DN Solutions machines. Some highlights include:

A Lynx 2100LSYB compact turning centre integrated with a collaborative robot.
A Puma TW2600M twin-spindle horizontal turning centre with a gantry loader.
A NHP 5000 horizontal machining centre featuring the Round Pallet System (RPS).
A DVF 4000 (5-axis) vertical machining centre with an automatic work-piece pallet changer.
Additionally, DN Solutions is showcasing advancements in SMART Technologies, leveraging wireless, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), and voice recognition in SMART Factory settings to enhance competitiveness. The company is also spotlighting Green Technologies, introducing eco-friendly mist-free solutions for oil/mist purification, reducing energy consumption and improving workshop environments.

Zayer Machine Tools at EMO 2023:

Zayer Machine Tools has made its mark at EMO 2023 with a substantial presence in Hall 13 (Stand B52). The company is unveiling two of its latest large-capacity milling machines on its expansive 437m2 stand.

The spotlight is on the ZERO 4000, an influential horizontal ram-type milling machine, and the AETOS 3000, an innovative gantry-type milling machine with a moving bridge, fixed table, and fixed cross beam. These offerings cater to component manufacturers in diverse sectors such as power generation, rail, aerospace, automotive, and large mould tool industries.

Dale underlined the significance of EMO as a platform for Mills CNC, stating, “EMO provides a window into the world of advanced manufacturing technologies and, from our perspective, a unique preview of the latest innovations from DN Solutions and Zayer Machine Tools. Many of the technologies being showcased by both companies will soon be available from Mills CNC to UK and Irish manufacturers.”

The collaboration between Mills CNC, DN Solutions, and Zayer Machine Tools at EMO 2023 exemplifies the industry’s drive towards innovation, advancement, and collaboration, paving the way for enhanced offerings and opportunities in the realm of manufacturing technology.


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