Kuhn Showcases Cutting-Edge Machinery at Tillage-Live Event

by Anna

Kuhn, a renowned manufacturer of agricultural machinery, is set to exhibit its latest range of working machines at the upcoming Tillage-Live event. The event will provide a unique opportunity for farmers and enthusiasts to witness a variety of Kuhn products in action, with a team of experts on hand to offer insights and product information.


Among the featured machines will be the Venta 3030 drill combined with the CD 3020 disc cultivator, the Espro 6000R drill, Striger 600R strip till machine, Prolander 6000 with TF 1512 distribution head, Optimer L12000 stubble cultivator, Performer 4000 Select cultivator, and the VML Smart Plough.


The selection of working machines demonstrates Kuhn’s commitment to offering a wide range of machinery, catering to both min-till and conventional tillage preferences. Edd Fanshawe, the product specialist, points out that the popularity of shallow cultivators reflects the growing desire to reduce soil disturbance. However, he acknowledges that many agricultural systems still heavily rely on conventional ploughing methods.

To meet the diverse needs of farmers, Kuhn has expanded its min-till range, introducing wider widths for the Optimer and Prolander. Simultaneously, the company focuses on providing efficient ploughing solutions. The VML Smart Plough is a prime example of how precision can be enhanced using GPS and ISOBUS to adjust working width, offset, working depth, and leveling.

The drills showcased during the event include the lightweight Megant 602R, suitable for tractors with as little as 150 horsepower. The latest Maxima RXE, equipped with electric drive, offers precision maize sowing at an impressive 10km/h. Additionally, the 6-meter Espro 6000R will demonstrate its versatility by showcasing its ability to work after ploughing, in min-till systems, or directly in residues.

Mr. Fanshawe emphasizes the comprehensive nature of Kuhn’s drill range, designed to cater to varying farming systems. The 6-meter Prolander, equipped with the TF 1512 distribution head, will be demonstrated for shallow incorporation of stubble and break crop mixing while simultaneously seeding the following crop.

The Megant drill boasts new tine coulters, an updated terminal, and the option to add a second hopper. Its lightweight design allows it to be operated by tractors with minimal horsepower. The Vistaflow valves fitted in the Megant enable operators to program seed flow, record tramlining configurations, and save settings for future use, optimizing sprayer and fertilizer spreader usage and reducing input costs.

Tillage-Live attendees can witness these cutting-edge machines in action, gaining valuable insights into Kuhn’s commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions for the agriculture industry.


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