SureCore Unveils Low-Power Cryogenic SRAM to Enhance AI Data Centers

by Anna

SureCore has announced a groundbreaking development in low-power, cryogenic Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) designed to significantly reduce the energy demands of AI workloads in data centers. This innovative memory technology, developed in collaboration with Semiwise, promises to cut power consumption and decrease the need for extensive cooling infrastructure.

Leveraging Semiwise’s cryogenic transistor SPICE models, SureCore has fine-tuned its SRAM to operate efficiently at temperatures ranging from 77K (-196°C) down to near absolute zero. This capability makes it particularly suitable for integration with quantum computers, which require extremely low temperatures to minimize thermal noise and vibrations.


SRAM is increasingly favored in AI-focused data center processors due to its rapid data access and manipulation capabilities, essential for real-time data analysis and decision-making. However, the high energy costs associated with AI workloads remain a major challenge for data centers. Traditional cooling solutions, while effective, offset more than half of the potential cost savings.


SureCore’s low-power cryogenic memory technology addresses this issue by potentially saving up to 50% of memory power in data centers. This reduction in power demand also translates to lower thermal dissipation and cooling costs, offering a dual benefit of enhanced efficiency and reduced operational expenses.


The new cryogenic SRAM, part of SureCore’s CryoMem IP range, has been specifically engineered to function optimally from 77K to 4K (-269°C). To facilitate this, SureCore has re-characterized standard and IO cell libraries to ensure reliable operation at these low temperatures. This adaptation allows for seamless integration into existing design flows from RTL to GDSII.


In addition to its cryogenic applications, SureCore’s technology offers significant advantages for standard data center operations. The company’s PowerMiser architecture exemplifies its expertise in low-power SRAM design, showcasing independent memory banks that can be selectively powered down to minimize leakage and overall power consumption.

As part of an Innovate UK project, SureCore’s CryoMem IP is set to undergo evaluation through upcoming test chips, aiming to further validate its performance at cryogenic temperatures. By co-locating CryoCMOS control chips with qubits in the cryostat, SureCore minimizes the need for extensive cabling, which often limits the scalability of quantum computing systems.

SureCore’s innovative approach to SRAM design includes the use of a cascode precharge sense amplifier (CPSA), which controls bit-line swing and reduces both active and leakage currents. This method enhances the power efficiency of the memory without compromising data integrity, a critical requirement for reliable memory operation.

As the race to develop cost-effective, low-power cryogenic memory for AI workloads intensifies, SureCore stands out with its pioneering solutions. While competitors like Rambus are also investing in similar technologies, SureCore’s advancements position it as a leader in the quest to optimize data center operations and support the growing demands of AI and quantum computing.

With its focus on reducing power consumption and improving efficiency, SureCore’s cryogenic SRAM technology represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of data center infrastructure, promising substantial cost savings and enhanced performance for AI-driven applications.

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