UK Digital Twin Leader Simsol Joins Siemens Xcelerator Platform to Propel Industry Transformation

by Anna

Simsol, a UK leader in digital twin technology, has announced its integration into Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform designed to expedite the digital transformation of industries both in the UK and internationally.

Simsol specializes in creating innovative digital twin solutions using Siemens Plant Simulation and Process Simulate software. These solutions simulate factory automation, facilitating the integration of robotics, control, motion, and safety systems to enhance productivity, safety, and operational efficiency for both automated and human operators.


This new partnership will allow manufacturers to access Simsol’s services through the global Siemens Xcelerator marketplace, significantly expanding Simsol’s international reach. Additionally, the agreement positions Simsol as a key partner for Siemens customers worldwide, offering solutions to various production challenges.


Siemens Xcelerator aims to accelerate digital transformation by providing a curated portfolio of cloud and edge-enabled hardware, software, and digital services from Siemens and certified third parties. It also features an evolving marketplace where customers can explore products and services from Siemens’ extensive ecosystem of partners and developers.


The partnership between Siemens and Simsol is built on a 20-year history of collaboration, during which they have supplied simulation software to support UK manufacturers in planning new factories, improving existing sites, and integrating new equipment into production lines.


The Siemens Xcelerator platform will be showcased at Siemens’ Transform event on July 17 and 18 at Manchester Central. This free-to-attend event is expected to draw over 4,000 industry leaders, tech experts, and policymakers to discuss the future of digital and sustainable transformation.

Brian Holliday, Managing Director of Siemens UK & Ireland, commented on the partnership: “Xcelerator was created in recognition that no single organization can tackle the overarching digitalization challenge that our industries face on its own. Its aim is to catalyze transformation by combining the digital and real worlds and enabling a new age of collaboration, where like-minded experts and innovators can work together on problems, no matter where they are based.

“It’s exciting to welcome Simsol to our Xcelerator ecosystem of partners. The business is a true expert in supporting customers to deliver Industry 4.0 – encompassing digital twins, automation, and robotics for production and warehousing. Its team will create huge value for our current and prospective customers around the world in solving their digital manufacturing challenges.”

Amy Johnson, Division Manager at Simsol, echoed Holliday’s enthusiasm: “Digitalizing production is key for manufacturers to address major challenges like net-zero while boosting their resilience and competitiveness. We’ve been helping manufacturers alongside Siemens to fully embrace digital technologies for more than two decades, and we’re looking forward to strengthening this relationship further.

“Siemens’ Transform 2024 exhibition in July will be a major opportunity for us to expand our network and meet with industry leaders to see how we can support their digital manufacturing ambitions under our new partner status.”

This partnership marks a significant step in advancing digital manufacturing and underscores the importance of collaboration in driving industry-wide digital transformation.

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