Google’s Geothermal Milestone: Carbon-Free Electricity Powers Nevada Data Centers

by Anna

Google has achieved a significant milestone in the renewable energy landscape as its geothermal partner, Fervo Energy, begins pumping carbon-free electricity onto the Nevada grid. This breakthrough marks a crucial advancement in harnessing the Earth’s heat for sustainable power and underscores the potential of geothermal energy in the fight against climate change.


The project near Winnemucca, Nevada, initiated in collaboration with Fervo Energy, is now commercially operational, delivering approximately 3.5 megawatts of clean electricity to power Google’s data centers in the region. This achievement is especially noteworthy as many new energy companies often struggle to reach the stage of contributing electrons to the grid.


Tim Latimer, CEO and co-founder of Fervo Energy, emphasized the significance of this milestone, stating that it has the potential to elevate geothermal energy to greater prominence. The International Energy Agency has long recognized geothermal as a solution to climate change, projecting that it could contribute up to 3.5% of global electricity generation annually by 2050, mitigating nearly 800 megatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

While the United States leads the world in utilizing geothermal energy for electricity generation, accounting for less than half a percent of total utility-scale electricity generation, this project signals a turning point. Geothermal’s potential has largely been untapped, and today’s announcement could pave the way for broader adoption.

Fervo Energy’s innovative approach involves enhanced geothermal systems, pushing the boundaries of traditional geothermal energy extraction. By drilling deeper below the ground and utilizing modern drilling technology transferred from the oil and gas industry, Fervo Energy aims to unlock geothermal potential in regions previously deemed unsuitable.

Google, committed to achieving 24/7 carbon-free energy across its operations by 2030, views this geothermal project as a catalyst for advancing clean energy technologies. The company recognizes that, alongside wind and solar, new and advanced technologies are essential to meeting ambitious decarbonization goals. Google’s partnership with Fervo Energy aligns with its strategy to explore diverse sources of clean energy and contribute to the scaling of advanced geothermal power.

The success of this geothermal project in Nevada serves as a springboard for future initiatives. Fervo Energy is already progressing with a 400-megawatt project in southwest Utah, aiming to deliver even more carbon-free electricity to the grid. Google envisions the potential for incorporating geothermal energy into other data centers worldwide, emphasizing the importance of a diversified portfolio of carbon-free technologies.

As the world seeks round-the-clock renewable energy solutions to transition away from fossil fuels, this geothermal milestone opens up new possibilities for always-on, clean technology. The collaboration between Google and Fervo Energy exemplifies the impactful role that tech giants can play in accelerating the adoption of innovative and sustainable energy sources to address the global climate crisis.


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