MESTEC Secures Prestigious Global Award and High-Profile Contracts for its Manufacturing Execution Systems

by Anna

UK technology specialist MESTEC has made significant strides in its growth by securing three prominent contracts and earning the Oracle Global Leaders ISV of the Year Award. The Bracknell-based company, known for its cloud-based Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) solution, will collaborate with global brands in supercar customization, advanced engineering, and golf equipment manufacturing. These partnerships aim to leverage MESTEC’s technology to enhance manufacturing key performance indicators (KPIs), including labor productivity, equipment effectiveness, quality, and compliance.

Since its acquisition by Eyelit Inc, MESTEC has experienced a remarkable sales increase of over 50%. The recent Oracle Global Leaders ISV of the Year Award recognized MESTEC as a technology leader on a global scale, competing with 20 leading software providers.


Mark Carleton, CEO of MESTEC, highlighted the growing acceptance of digital manufacturing, stating, “There’s a definite feeling that we’ve gone past the early adopter stage with digital manufacturing and that it is becoming widely accepted as an effective means of saving costs and increasing performance.”


MESTEC’s success extends across diverse sectors, reflecting a shared interest in modernizing factories through real-time data collection and analysis. Carleton emphasized the speed and ease of deploying MESTEC’s SaaS architecture, allowing customers to go live in a matter of days, a stark contrast to the traditional, lengthy deployment process of manufacturing software solutions.


MESTEC, a part of the Eyelit Group, focuses on manufacturing software platforms, with strong demand emerging in industries such as semiconductor, automotive, medtech, aerospace and defense, battery, and solar. These platforms support various manufacturing workflows and integrate seamlessly with Oracle NetSuite and other enterprise applications.


Mark Carleton concluded, “We have always been one of the first adopters of new technology, using it to lower barriers to adoption and bring digitization into the traditionally conservative manufacturing sector.”

MESTEC’s recent growth has led to the creation of more than 15 new jobs, with plans for further expansion over the next year, particularly in North America, leveraging Eyelit Inc’s US presence.

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