Grob-Werke to Showcase Cutting-Edge Technologies and Innovations at EMO 2023

by Anna

EMO 2023 – The Epicenter of Metalworking Innovations

From September 18th to 23rd, Grob-Werke is set to unveil its latest array of cutting-edge machines and services at EMO 2023. The esteemed event, renowned as the world’s largest trade fair for the metalworking sector, will see Grob’s impressive showcase span over 1,200 square meters in hall 12 at stand B12. With a legacy spanning over four decades, Grob-Werke has been a consistent participant at EMO, consistently highlighting its technological prowess and innovations.


Dazzling Live Demonstrations

Visitors to the Grob booth can anticipate an engaging experience, with six live machines poised to captivate the audience. These machines are a testament to Grob’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries and pioneering innovative solutions in the metalworking domain.


A Glimpse into the Technological Marvels

The offerings at EMO 2023 will encompass a diverse range of machines that exemplify Grob’s mastery over the art of engineering. Attendees will be treated to a 4-axis mill machining centre and a 5-axis mill-turn machining centre, each equipped with a rotary pallet storage system, showcasing Grob’s proficiency in precision and automation.

Further intriguing the audience, Grob-Werke will unveil its 5-axis universal machining centres, featuring the G150 and G350 models, integrated with the high-efficiency Grob robot cells. This amalgamation promises to set new standards of productivity in action, captivating the audience with real-time demonstrations.

Embracing Innovation: Beyond the Machines

Grob-Werke’s participation transcends machine presentations; the company’s commitment to technological advancement is visible in every facet of its exhibit. EMO attendees can explore Grob’s prowess in metal cutting technology for frame structure parts and battery trays. A standout highlight will be the G720F two-spindle machine, an impressive display of engineering prowess and innovation that attests to Grob’s dedication to pushing the envelope.

Unveiling the Future: Beyond Metal Cutting

Beyond metal cutting machines, Grob-Werke will introduce the GMP300 liquid metal printing system. This innovation underscores Grob’s foray into novel technologies that are reshaping the metalworking landscape. Additionally, Grob will proudly present its Grob-NET4Industry digitization products, an affirmation of its commitment to embracing Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

A Holistic Perspective: Services and Insights

In a comprehensive approach, Grob-Werke will showcase its services alongside its state-of-the-art machines. The exhibition will also serve as a platform for insights into the electrifying world of electromobility. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to interact directly with Grob’s seasoned experts, delving into the nuances of the latest developments and trends shaping the industry.

Anticipation and Optimism

Christian Müller, the member of the board and CSO at Grob-Werke, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are very excited to be part of EMO 2023. EMO is an outstanding opportunity to meet with customers and other industry experts and gain valuable insight into the latest developments and trends. We are confident that our machines and services will be received with great interest by the visitors to the exhibition.”

Grob-Werke’s participation at EMO 2023 stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation and technological excellence. With an impressive array of machines, technologies, and services, the exhibition promises to be a captivating experience for attendees, offering a glimpse into the future of metalworking and beyond. As the metalworking world converges at EMO, Grob-Werke’s presence is set to make a resounding impact on the landscape of industrial innovation.


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