Ward CNC Showcases Innovative Partnerships and Cutting-Edge Machinery at EMO 2023

by Anna

Ward CNC, a prominent player in the CNC machinery sector, is gearing up to unveil a host of new innovations at EMO 2023, featuring their principal partners Takisawa and Soraluce. Furthermore, the company is proud to introduce fresh additions to its CNC portfolio through partnerships with Gurutzpe and Ronchini.


Takisawa, hailing from Japan and Taiwan, is set to take the spotlight at EMO 2023 by showcasing four of its latest cutting-edge models. Meanwhile, Soraluce, renowned for its milling and boring expertise, will present their ‘Ready to Lead’ proficiency, emphasizing innovative solutions through their New Performance Line and New Generation of Heads.


Distinguished as specialists in milling and boring, Soraluce is poised to demonstrate their automated solutions, inviting attendees to delve into their latest technological advancements. The event promises an immersive experience, offering guided tours of Soraluce’s booth, live demonstrations, and direct interactions with the company’s technical experts, aimed at showcasing how innovation can drive success.

Soraluce’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is further exemplified by the introduction of their Performance Line—a new line of milling machines designed to address industry challenges and provide reliable and precise solutions for various industrial environments.

Takisawa, on the other hand, will captivate audiences with their ‘Green Smart Machinery’ initiative, which seeks to support customers in their journey towards decarbonizing production sites. Among the highlights are four new machines: TMX-4000IIST, a simultaneous 5-axis machine with a tool spindle; TT-2600IIWGA, a 12′ parallel 2 spindle CNC lathe machine; TM-3000Y2, an 8’+6′ facing spindle and 2 turret multi-tasking machine; and TMS-2000YS, an 8’+6′ facing twin spindle CNC lathe with a single turret machine and a Y axis.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Takisawa Taiwan will introduce four new models at EMO 2023. Among them, the NX-2000YS and NX-2500YS represent the new generation of cost-effective two-spindle turning centers, incorporating economic features and a fresh design compared to their predecessors.

In line with their commitment to diversification and innovation, Ward CNC has forged partnerships with Gurutzpe and Ronchini. Gurutzpe, a Spanish manufacturer of CNC multi-tasking horizontal lathes, places strong emphasis on customer collaboration throughout the design and manufacturing process. Similarly, Ward CNC’s collaboration with Ronchini Massimo, an Italian manufacturer renowned for high-end CNC milling routers for the metalworking industry, reflects the company’s dedication to expanding its product range to cater to a broader clientele.

Simon Whitworth, Managing Director of Ward CNC, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnerships, highlighting the added value they bring to the company’s existing range of machine tools. He urged potential customers from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland to explore these offerings at the EMO exhibition and consider how these innovations could enhance their operations.

As the event unfolds, visitors can engage with these cutting-edge partnerships and machinery at EMO 2023. Soraluce will be located in Hall 13, stand B30; Takisawa Japan & Taiwan will showcase their offerings in Hall 17, stand B22; Gurutzpe’s presence can be found in Hall 13, stand B25; and Ronchini will be stationed in Hall 12, stand A12.


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