Cutting-Edge Track Bike to Propel Great Britain’s Cyclists at 2024 Olympics

by Anna

In a bid to maintain their track cycling dominance, Great Britain’s cycling team is gearing up to debut a groundbreaking track bike at the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships in Glasgow. This innovative creation, a product of collaboration between British Cycling and leading British engineering firms, is poised to elevate performance standards and set the stage for success at the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.


The endeavor builds upon the momentum generated by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where British Cycling secured the top spot in the track cycling medal table. Recognizing the significance of continuous innovation, British Cycling partnered with esteemed engineer firms to refine their previous track bike, ensuring its readiness to compete at the highest level.


Integral to the track bike’s evolution was the integration of cutting-edge technology, notably Renishaw’s additive manufacturing (AM) expertise. The partnership enabled the creation of bespoke components, including aerodynamically optimized forks and handlebars courtesy of Lotus Engineering, and the precision-engineered HBT Paris frame by Hope Technology.

The process of refining the track bike encompassed rigorous testing and prototyping. Renishaw’s AM capabilities played a pivotal role, producing plastic and metal prototypes for aerodynamic evaluation. These prototypes were meticulously scrutinized for lightness, geometric accuracy, and structural robustness, with the ultimate goal of withstanding the intense demands of track cycling.

Upon confirming the viability of the prototypes, Renishaw harnessed their RenAM 500Q AM systems to craft aluminum and titanium parts, meticulously tailored to individual athletes. Louise Callanan, Director of Additive Manufacturing at Renishaw, expressed excitement about the project’s progress: “Working with British Cycling is a fantastic opportunity to showcase how our additive manufacturing technologies can help improve the performance of the bike and ensure that it is optimized for individual riders.”

Stephen Park CBE, Great Britain Cycling Team Performance Director, emphasized the collaborative synergy that underpins this technological leap. Park stated, “Their combined high-quality manufacturing standards, renowned lightweight design, aerodynamic efficiency, and their keen eye for finer details help us to unlock valuable marginal gains, which make all the difference come race day. This is the most advanced bike that has ever been ridden by British athletes.”

The paramount importance of crafting a track bike that is lightweight, geometrically precise, and robust enough to endure the physical demands of the sport cannot be overstated. Renishaw’s AM expertise played a pivotal role in the creation of lightweight, intricate components designed to minimize drag and maximize speed, a crucial factor in the fiercely competitive arena of track cycling.

As the clock ticks down to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, anticipation grows for the cycling squad, which includes five track cycling medalists from the Tokyo Games. With the unveiling of this cutting-edge track bike at the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, British Cycling aims to secure an edge that will propel its athletes to new heights of success in the pursuit of Olympic glory.


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