Brandauer CEO Receives Honorary Doctorate from Birmingham City University for Outstanding Industry Contribution

by Anna

Birmingham City University (BCU) has recognized the remarkable achievements of Rowan Crozier, the CEO of the esteemed metal engineering company Brandauer, by bestowing upon him an honorary doctorate. With a legacy spanning 161 years, Brandauer’s success story has been punctuated by Crozier’s exceptional contributions to both industry and academia. The prestigious award was presented to Crozier during BCU’s summer graduation ceremonies, held at the iconic Symphony Hall in Birmingham.


Leading Birmingham-based precision tooling and metal stamping specialist Brandauer has been a beacon of excellence, manufacturing millions of parts that are distributed to over 26 countries worldwide each week. Crozier’s visionary leadership has propelled the company’s global footprint, positioning it as a frontrunner in the field.


Beyond his pivotal role at Brandauer, Crozier is being celebrated for his dedication to nurturing the engineers of the future. His collaboration with BCU’s School of Engineering and Built Environment has been instrumental in fostering the development of aspiring engineers. As the Chair of the Make UK National Advisory Board and Co-Chair of the Industry Advisory Board for Birmingham City University, Crozier’s influence extends to shaping the educational landscape to align with the demands of modern industry.

Reflecting on this prestigious honor, Crozier expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am shocked and proud to receive this recognition. I hope that it inspires all new graduating engineers into a career in UK manufacturing – and especially consider the unlimited possibilities of working at a small to medium-sized enterprise. Thank you to BCU, and I hope its students and graduates always keep innovation at the heart of everything they do.”

Under Crozier’s astute leadership, Brandauer has implemented a bespoke apprenticeship program that currently constitutes 15% of the company’s workforce. This strategic initiative not only contributes to Brandauer’s success but also underscores its commitment to fostering the growth of skilled talent within the industry. Crozier champions communication, technical expertise, and entrepreneurship as the foundational pillars of employability for graduating engineers.

In a landmark partnership with In-Comm Training, Brandauer has taken a substantial step toward addressing the critical skills drain in the UK’s toolmaking sector. The collaborative endeavor has resulted in the establishment of a £1 million Precision Tooling Academy in Aldridge, reinforcing Brandauer’s commitment to ensuring a skilled workforce capable of sustaining the company’s global expansion.

The fruition of these efforts has garnered accolades for Brandauer, including the distinguished Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2019, making it one of only 16 firms in the West Midlands to receive this prestigious honor. The company’s excellence was further affirmed with the “Exporter of the Year” award from the Made In The Midlands platform in the same year.

Professor Hanifa Shah, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Computing, Engineering & the Built Environment at BCU, hailed Rowan Crozier’s unwavering support for the university’s collaborative endeavors with industry. The faculty acknowledges Crozier’s pivotal role in shaping mutually beneficial projects and employment opportunities for students. The honorary doctorate stands as a testament to Crozier’s profound impact on industry and academia, marking a remarkable chapter in his illustrious journey.


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