Mastering AM Conference Returns as Must-Attend Event for Additive Technology Enthusiasts

by Anna

The Mastering AM conference is making a triumphant return as a live event this year, marking its first in-person gathering since 2019. With the remarkable strides in additive technologies that have unfolded during this interim, the conference has emerged as an essential rendezvous for users and enthusiasts of additive manufacturing (AM).


Scheduled to transpire at the esteemed Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry on Thursday, September 7, 2023, the conference is poised to extend a wealth of opportunities for networking among AM professionals, fostering the exchange of experiences, and unveiling the latest breakthroughs within this dynamic sector.


Mastering AM is primed to deliver an exceptional platform for the additive manufacturing industry to share user experiences, with a projected attendance of over 250 participants eager to deepen their understanding of the newest additive technology solutions.

Notably, the event boasts a distinguished lineup of leading additive technology experts who are eager to disseminate their invaluable knowledge and insights. Industry luminaries from prominent companies such as Siemens P&E, Eaton Aerospace, Ricoh, and Wier are poised to contribute, offering attendees an invaluable opportunity to augment their market intelligence and drive growth.

The inception of Mastering AM is the result of a collaborative effort between Additive Manufacturing UK (AMUK), the sole trade association dedicated to the additive manufacturing sector in the UK and a constituent member of the Manufacturing Technologies Association cluster, and the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing (NCAM).

AMUK takes on the pivotal role of representing the interests of its member companies and championing the utilization of additive manufacturing across the UK. On the other hand, NCAM stands as a trailblazing research hub committed to the advancement of novel technologies and applications within the additive manufacturing domain.

This captivating event holds promise for a wide array of attendees, catering to those who possess an interest in additive manufacturing, whether they are already immersed in additive technology, incorporate it within their supply chain, or are embarking on their inaugural steps. Participants can anticipate immersing themselves in the latest strides of additive manufacturing, gaining insights from industry luminaries, capitalizing on networking prospects with fellow additive manufacturing professionals, and exchanging best practices to set benchmarks for performance enhancement.

The content-rich agenda unfolds with a myriad of captivating topics, encompassing spheres such as metal powder bed fusion using laser technology, design for AM alongside process simulation, polymer additive manufacturing, directed energy deposition, binder jetting, ceramic AM, and a comprehensive exploration of the current and future landscape of AM in the UK.

Beyond the engrossing presentations and interactive Q&A sessions led by seasoned practitioners, attendees are poised to depart the Mastering AM conference equipped with a treasure trove of newfound knowledge that will catalyze their journey of additive technology adoption and advancement.

Josh Dugdale, Head of Technology & Skills at the MTA, eloquently summarizes the essence of Mastering AM: “This event offers a platform for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing users to converge and share best industry practices. It presents an invaluable opportunity to glean insights from others’ experiences, foster knowledge exchange, and stay abreast of the latest strides in industrial Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing technology. The collaborative environment Mastering AM fosters is poised to optimize the utilization of Additive and 3D Printing technologies, thereby fostering technological progress and heightened productivity within the UK’s Additive and 3D Printing community.”

In addition to the captivating agenda, attendees will partake in a diverse range of supporting activities that include collaborative R&D funding assistance, dedicated support for SMEs in the realm of additive manufacturing, and the provision of expert drop-in sessions.

Notably, exhibitors are primed to seize the opportunity to unveil the latest technological marvels, elucidating how businesses can leverage these innovations to enhance efficiency, stay ahead of industry trends, and optimize resource utilization. This collective effort resonates with the overarching mission of the Mastering AM conference—to drive additive manufacturing to new heights of excellence.


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