Tata Steel Advances with Cutting-Edge Tube Mill at Corby Works

by Anna

Tata Steel’s Corby works is set to undergo a significant transformation with the installation of a state-of-the-art tube-making machine, marking a key milestone in its £30 million site development initiative.

The new tube mill, a ‘combination’ model designed and constructed by Mair Research, a prominent Italian engineering firm, is currently being delivered in sections to the Northamptonshire site. The installation is being managed by Rapid Response Solutions (RRS), a British company specializing in complex industrial installations.


Scheduled for commissioning in October this year, the new mill will replace two older machines, namely the cold-formed tube mill and the 6-inch tube mill. Gary Blackman, Works Manager at Tata Steel Corby, expressed enthusiasm about the project, stating, “This marks a hugely exciting time for the site. The introduction of the new tube mill is a culmination of years of planning and investment. It signifies a critical step in our journey to establish Corby as a leading global hub for steel tube manufacturing, aligned with our commitment to achieve net-zero emissions.”


Claire Mellows, Business Development Director at RRS Group, commented on their role in the project, noting, “We are honored to have been selected as the installation contractor for this groundbreaking project. It represents a significant addition to Tata Steel’s operations in the UK, and we are dedicated to ensuring its successful and safe delivery within schedule and budget.”


The development at Corby extends beyond the new tube mill. Recent enhancements include the installation of electric induction furnaces to replace old gas-fired furnaces in the stretch-reduction tube mill, contributing to the site’s sustainability goals.


Nigel Chudley, Project Manager, acknowledged the contributions of local companies such as MPB, which played a crucial role in completing civil engineering works on site. He emphasized the collaborative effort underway with RRS and Mair to oversee the assembly and commissioning phases of the new tube mill.

Tata Steel’s strategic initiatives also include the recent sale of a redundant site section, generating £12 million earmarked for further enhancing facilities at Corby, including stores, workshops, and offices.

With the arrival of components for the new tube mill progressing daily, Tata Steel Corby looks forward to achieving its ambitious goals for expansion and modernization, reinforcing its position as a leader in sustainable steel production.

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