Parkopedia and Irdeto Revolutionize EV Charging

by Anna

As the auto industry transitions to electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for efficient and accessible charging infrastructure has become paramount. However, the current EV charging landscape is fraught with inefficiencies, reliability issues, and time-consuming processes. Addressing these challenges, Parkopedia and Irdeto have partnered to simplify and secure EV charging globally through the Plug and Charge Alliance.

Current Challenges in EV Charging

With the rise of electric mobility, EV charging is becoming a common necessity. Home charging is convenient and cost-effective, but charging away from home remains problematic compared to traditional refueling at gas stations. Presently, EV charging transactions rely on various access control methods, including ISO 15118 communication standards, smartphone apps, web apps, RFID technology, and payment terminals. These methods authenticate and bill EV drivers using technologies like RFID cards or remote access through smartphone or web applications.


However, this system poses several issues:


Compatibility problems between chargers.


Limited visibility of accounts.


Dependence on reliable internet connections.

Security risks, such as potential cyberattacks on charging stations, which can lead to disruptions, unauthorized access, or data theft.

Privacy concerns, as users often have to share sensitive information like payment details and vehicle data, which can be intercepted if not adequately secured.

The Plug and Charge Solution

To address these challenges, Parkopedia and Irdeto have developed a comprehensive Plug and Charge solution. This partnership integrates Parkopedia’s in-car parking and EV charging services with Irdeto’s CrossCharge technologies, aiming to streamline the charging process for drivers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide.

The solution simplifies authorization and payment by eliminating the need for separate contracts, apps, or RFID cards across different charging networks. Instead, EV drivers can initiate charging transactions directly from their in-car media systems, thanks to Irdeto’s CrossCharge technology. This technology ensures secure and seamless communication between the vehicle and the charging infrastructure, leveraging Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for robust authentication and validation of charging transactions, safeguarding against cyber threats. Furthermore, it adheres to ISO 15118 standards, enhancing compatibility and interoperability across various networks.

Enhancing EV Charging Efficiency

Parkopedia’s extensive parking and charging data significantly boost the solution’s efficacy, providing drivers with detailed information about available charging stations and tariffs. By offering a unified platform, the multi-contract Plug and Charge solution simplifies compliance with industry standards, reduces development burdens for manufacturers, and improves user experience.

The partnership promises to streamline ISO 15118 compliance for manufacturers, easing technical burdens and accelerating EV adoption by ensuring secure, user-friendly charging solutions. By eliminating the need for multiple apps or RFID cards, this innovative solution offers a more convenient, secure, and globally accessible EV charging infrastructure.

Through this collaboration, Parkopedia and Irdeto are set to transform the EV charging landscape, making the process more efficient, reliable, and secure for drivers worldwide.

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